Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is a, The Real News Network Local News Blog?

This is an idea to build a local node of video news production as part of a multitude of internet syndicated feeds to The Real News Network that would re-birth local investigative reporting.

Twigged by a Paul Jay comment envisioning such a thing in a talk called, "Journalistic Mythology" that he gave at The Labour College of Canada, posted October 21, 2010. The idea is to produce local news in a 'blog squad' approach towards a national network of local news feeds.

My idea here tries to reflect the idea in a local video news blog. This is meant to be a template for a national network of local news blogs. I will begin to produce local video news - with an eye to acting as one of a network of local channels reporting in depth on local issues that the real news could then aggregate to demand.

Towards this goal I edited a video posted at The Real News Network's Youtube Channel, "Journalistic Mythology" down to a last question in the question and answer segment - where one of the participants asks about local news - from the 28:34 mark to the 31:10 mark (the end).

"Journalistic Mythology" edit - Local News question

"Journalistic Mythology" in it's entirety: